Kuwait Real Estate Co. was founded on 16/05/1972 as a public shareholding company (KSC)  according to the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law with a capital of KD 3,000,000. As of this year the current capital increased to K.D. 90,671,293. It is considered one of the first companies listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange. The company has many investments with partner  and sister companies local and regional (Middle East, United States and Europe). Its shares are negotiated in Kuwait Stock Exchange as its works are focused on real estate activity with all its fields  inside and outside the State of Kuwait. It remains the first company in the development and growth of public projects, with high technical and administrative levels.
Role of the Company in the Support of National Manpower
Based on the general trend of the state to promote the role of the private sector in pushing forward economic growth, the Kuwait Real Estate Company started since its establishment to participate in the efforts aimed at supporting the national workforce and encouraging the Kuwait youth to work at the Company in different posts and leading positions. The share of the national workforce in the company represents 21% of the total number of employees in the Company in all activities and various specializations although the ratio stipulated in the law of workforce support is set at 2%. There is no doubt that the national cadres in the Company had many achievements, works and fruitful projects and have developed a working strategy at the Company, namely the investment and real estate sector with the other sectors. This has allowed the Company to develop, expand and increase its annual profits.

The company has been concerned with promoting its role in supporting the project of restructuring the workforce through its financial assistance to some information related projects (Challenge Project) to help them succeed. It is a long-term awareness project that aims, through advertising and promotional campaigns, to change the view held by social classes towards working in the private sector. The project is considered one of the positive fundamentals to attract young Kuwaitis to work in the private sector through providing a promotional support to the project. This was considered one of the major instruments for the establishment of a general public opinion base. In addition, the Company is also involved in employment habilitation, fruitful education and professional experiences to produce a competent national staff through providing training to a number of students, offering on-site training at the Company and supporting student activities.

The Company also supports the employee incentives project whereby the Company’s management will on an annual basis offer prizes for outstanding performance and provide some benefits, medical insurance services and life insurance plans to all employees at the Company. On the other hand, the Company is concerned with intensive and continuous investment in human resources in the different sectors and at the different employment levels by encouraging employees to participate in various training courses in order to reach the highest productivity levels and improve job performance.